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May 14th, 2012 The Damage from Gum Disease in West London Get in touch

If ever there is a gruesome issue you should try to avoid and fight at all costs in west London, should it show signs of arising, it’s gum disease. This can cause devastation throughout your mouth and if allowed to carry on over a period of time, it will start to damage your heart by leaking toxins into the blood. There is only cause of the problem and it begins as ever with plaque. This is the catalyst of all problems in the mouth and if it runs riot, tooth decay and gum disease are hot on its heels. Of course, poor oral hygiene doesn’t help, nor does skipping dental appointments. Early signs are blood on the toothbrush after brushing; you may also start to notice bad tastes in your mouth which means that the problem has started and you should act vehemently to halt the disease. It starts with a dental visit to your hygienist to ascertain how bad the issue is and then draw up a plan to fight it. Advanced gum disease may require deep cleaning by your dentist in order to clean the pockets of your gums and the roots of your teeth, and then you need to change your cleaning regime. From herbal medicines (which are unique in the fight against gum disease) to general cleaning techniques, throw everything you can at the disease. Then you should also take a look at yourself and your habits. Fast food, smoking and drinking feed gum disease so if you can at least cut down on these and vastly improve your diet, your body will respond by keeping your gums healthy too. After all, do you really want to wander into the realms of bone and tissue grafting?

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