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Oct 23rd, 2012 The dangers of the dry Socket in London W1 Get in touch

When you have a tooth removed by your dentist in London W1, the body does what it normally does after any type of trauma- it heals itself, or at least tries. In the case of an extraction, a blood clot would normally form over the bone and enhance growth of new tissue over the wound. The danger however is if the clot falls away to soon or is dislodged in some way, the remaining nerves and bone are exposed to air and aside from being damn painful and that can spread throughout the rest of your head, the mouth is completely vulnerable to infection. You may also have unpleasant tastes in your mouth and suffer from bad breath. This blot clot can also fail if you do not look after your oral hygiene post extraction, smoke or are on strong medication. Naturally, you need to seek immediate treatment from your dentist. This will involve first disinfecting the socket so that it is clean and then applying medicated dressings over the wound that need changing every day until it heals. Throughout this process, you’ll need to be careful when you clean your teeth and if you are still suffering from pain, you can take painkillers for comfort.

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