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Oct 17th, 2012 The dangers of Tooth Erosion in London W1 Get in touch

A lot of the time, tooth erosion is pretty hard to spot whilst it is happening, but there are a few signs that it is going on and you should be aware of it because things may get even worse for you in London W1. Yellowing teeth and cracking are the two basic signs that the enamel of the teeth is wearing away and the teeth will in time, become sensitive as well. The common cause of erosion is acid that builds up on the surface of the teeth and slowly starts to eat away at the enamel: this comes from the type of foods and drinks you consume and poor oral hygiene. Soon, you will be suffering from tooth decay and you’ll know about it whenever you bite on something. Normally, a filling or a root canal will prevent any further damage to the tooth. Ironically, over brushing with a hard brush can also wear away the enamel of the teeth, so you will have to change your brush to stop any further damage being done. But probably one of the most violent destruction done to the enamel of the teeth is caused by teeth grinding and you will need to get along to your dentists and have a mouth-guard made up. It won’t stop the causes of the grinding, but it will stop further damage being done to the surfaces of your teeth.

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