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Sep 19th, 2013 The dangers that Bleeding Gums can do to your Central London Heart Get in touch

4586573_blogSometimes, you may discover a little blood on your toothbrush after you have given your teeth a good scrub-up in central London. Now there is no need to hit the panic button straight away; maybe get a softer brush, use it more gently and then rinse your mouth out with salty water or a medicated mouthwash- this should do the trick. However bleeding gums can indicate something more dangerous and sinister at work here- namely gum disease. Now if you suffer from this, it will wreck your teeth in the long run. However, whilst this is going on, the poisons from this disease will be leaking their way into your body through your bloodstream and they will deposit themselves firmly into the vital organs of your body and especially your heart. This will lead to disease building up around the arteries around the heart and over a sustained period, cause it to fail altogether. If for whatever reason your gums start bleeding, then get them checked out quickly by your dentist- you really do not want to go through this.

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