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Over the past 30 years or so in London W1, denture technology has improved immensely in order to make the dentures look more natural, easier to wear and for the wearer feel more comfortable, and if you look at history, something had to give, because the dentures around half a century ago looked horribly false and were difficult to keep in the mouth. So why have dentures at all? Well apart from the face sagging terribly and making the face look older than it is, wearing dentures helps to take pressure off the jaws and protect the ‘bite’. Into this equation also comes a different attitude from dentists as well: in the past, any signs of gum disease and it was easier to remove all of the teeth and fit dentures. Now, the emphasis is on saving as many teeth as possible, which is why partial dentures have become very fashionable as they look very discreet and natural, and they fit better when they have something to hang onto. Full dentures too have turned a corner: again, made from better, natural, softer adhering materials; the cements that they are glued in with have improved. But the greatest revolution for denture wearers has been the introduction of dental implants. With a handful of these set into the jawbone, the modified dentures simply click onto the implants, giving them the strongest anchorage to the mouth denture wearers have ever known- putting steak well and truly back on the menu!

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