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Jan 24th, 2013 The Delicate Art Of Cosmetic Bonding In The City Of London Get in touch

If you fancy getting a quick fix for your teeth in order to get them looking as good as others around you in the city of London, then you should pop down to your dentists and ask about cosmetic bonding. This method of covering up discolouration, cracks and gaps in your teeth is probably the most versatile around; it’s certainly the most quickest. Once you have decided to get your problems sorted out, you check in for a session and sit yourself down in the chair. Your teeth will be cleaned first, before a first layer of colour coded resin is applied to the surface of the teeth. The resin is then ‘cured’ by heat. This is repeated over and over until all of the problems are covered up and, there is enough for the dentist to work with. Now the teeth are sculptured into shape before finally, they are highly polished to achieve the perfect look- all this in around an hour eh? The beauty about all of this treatment is that though the resin is not as durable as a veneer and more susceptible to staining, if something does go wrong, the resin can simply be touched up and repaired. It is also the cheapest way to get you smiling again, that’s for sure.

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