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Dec 20th, 2012 The delights of a Damon Brace in the City of London Get in touch

A lot of people get worried at the though of wearing fixed braces, as it conjures up all sorts of images- one of which being the length of time that the brace has to be worn. But fixed braces work efficiently and in the city of London, right now, you can get a brace that not only works quickly, but it sits very discreet in the mouth when fitted- the Damon brace. On the surface, it doesn’t look any different from other braces: discreet plates on the surface of the teeth are joined by a discreet wire to the rear of the mouth. But what makes the Damon unique, the wire moves freely through the plates as the device is self-ligating- it tightens itself as the teeth move so it keeps constant pressure on the teeth to move. This in turn negates the need to keep going to the dentist regularly, hence saving money. Like any fixed brace, cleaning can be a problem at first, but once you get the hang of it, your oral hygiene will be kept at a maximum. It is also a great brace to sort out more complex orthodontic problems.

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