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Dec 11th, 2012 The delights of a Dental Implant in Central London Get in touch

History doesn’t exactly paint a pretty image of having a dental implant fitted, that’s if the majority of us in central London could ever afford to have one fitted. For years, it was extremely exclusive as the treatment was only carried out by a few surgeons throughout the world- making it very expensive. It was also complex: having an implant fitted meant cutting and drilling and stitching, which meant a lengthy time in recovery….but it worked! This theory behind having a small titanium root attached to the jawbone in order to replace tooth loss has never changed, the ways of doing it however have advanced immensely, thanks to lasers and computers and now you can have multiple implants put in within hours. Lasers do minimal damage to the gums and jaws when the root is attached, and with some of the latest healing treatments around, you’re ready to be fitted with your new tooth/teeth within hours. They are in for life once fitted and dare it be said, more stable than the original root and less prone to becoming infected. They are also used in helping to stabilise dental bridges and dentures which is ironic really, because they are resigning these two treatments to history as the procedure becomes ever more refined, easier to fit and the treatment more widespread throughout dental surgeries and the best part of all, the prices of having implants fitted are getting cheaper by the year and with insurance and payment plans, available to all.

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