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Jun 18th, 2013 The delights of the Digital X-ray in Central London Get in touch

We can all fall foul of the horror of plaque at any given time: it is the beginning of worse things to come if you fail to clean the plaque from your teeth and then leaving your back door open for tooth decay, and gum disease to come in. The danger is, you won’t spot this and things can get nasty quickly. However, as long as you keep going to your dentist in central London every now and then, such evils can be spotted in seconds with a digital x-ray. This is the birth-child of all the wonderful technology in dental surgeries today and is an essential ingredient in the dentist being able to make a quick diagnosis and then get to work on you as fast as possible. You have the image taken, similar to original x-rays, except for the fact there is a great deal less radiation used in digital, and the image will be on a screen straight away and if you have problems, you will be set to work on in a matter of minutes. Digital x-rays can be stored easily on file and equally easily accessed with the touch of a button for future use: they can also be sent off for analysis to other people through an e-mail if you need more intricate and specialist work done elsewhere.


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