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Dec 12th, 2014 The Details About Dental Extraction in London Get in touch

3708092_blogThe word ‘extraction’ is enough to make many dental patients quiver, but at Aqua Dental Spa, we promise an easy ride. We do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfortable and we promise to have you fighting fit and free from dental pain as quickly as possible.

If you have a damaged tooth, your tooth is severely decayed or you have a serious dental infection, the best course of action may be to extract the tooth. Leaving a tooth in place could increase the risk of infection spreading and prolong your pain.

What happens when a tooth is extracted?

We extract teeth under local anaesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain. Once the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue are numb and you can’t feel anything, we start to gently move the tooth in the socket and expand the socket; we do this using specially designed dental instruments. We move the tooth from side to side and once it is loose, we gently pull it out and then place a cloth or some gauze over the socket to stem any bleeding.

After your tooth has been taken out, it is common to experience mild pain once the effects of the anaesthetic start to wear off. We can recommend painkillers and other self-help techniques to help to ease discomfort.

If you experience sudden pain or you have pain that is getting worse, call us.

Are there any alternatives?

Sometimes, it is possible to save a tooth using root canal treatment, but if your dentist feels that extraction is best, this is probably because there are no other alternatives. Your dentist will chat to you about the situation and ensure that you are clear about what the procedure involves before you have treatment.

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