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Jan 17th, 2013 The Dishy Damon Brace Goes To The City Of London Get in touch

Fixed braces certainly don’t come more stylish in the city of London than the Damon brace. This orthodontic treatment is smooth in its action and faster than traditional braces. What makes it so special is it has a self tightening mechanism, which means you pay less visits to the dentist throughout the treatment. On your first visit, you will get measured up for your brace through a series of x-rays, photos and castings. Then on your second visit, each of your teeth has a very discreet and self-adjusting bracket attached to them. A wire is then slid freely through each of these and attached at the back of the mouth. From time to time, say every ten weeks, you check in with your dentist and then that’s pretty much it until the end of the treatment. This brace is easy to clean as well because you can lift the brackets, free the wire and brush/ floss normally. It isn’t the cheapest of the fixed braces around, but it most certainly the most efficient. There is also a hybrid version of this brace which is almost invisible when fitted because of the materials it is made from.

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