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Apr 2nd, 2012 The Effective Choice of Dental Bridges in the City of London Get in touch

2977218_blogThere is a selection of three bridges which dentists in the City of London generally choose from depending on the requirement of the patient. The traditional bridge uses crowns to hold the bridge in place, which are attached to the opposing healthy teeth. Cantilever bridges are generally used for cases where only one tooth on the side of the missing tooth gap is healthy. Last, the Maryland bonded bridge consists of a plastic gums and teeth supported by a metal structure, which are bonded on to the existing teeth.

The dentist will then prepare the abutment, which involves re-contouring the teeth by taking away a small amount of enamel for the new crown to be appropriately placed. After this, an impression of your mouth is taken so a bridge can be made to your specifics in a dental lab. In the meantime, the dentist will give you a temporary bridge to be worn to care for the gums and teeth.

In the next visit the temporary bridge is swapped with the permanent fixed bridge. Necessary adjustments will be made to achieve the proper fit. In some cases, multiple visits will be required for minor corrections, which varies from case to case. While this is going on, the dentist will use temporary cement so that the bridge stays in place. Once the patient and dentist are happy with the fit, it is cemented permanently within the structure of the smile.

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