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Dec 13th, 2012 The elusive world of Invisalign in the City of London Get in touch

Ask anyone who has had to wear braces in the city of London in the deep and distant past and you will be burdened with tales of woe: years of being the butt of jokes, your mouth clogged up with food and worse of all, the sheer ugliness of the metal work and how it makes your mouth look and how you feel. Okay, braces are important in order to maintain the look and health of your mouth to the bitter end, but you needn’t have to go through any of these issues if after getting your teeth looked at you can have Invisalign fitted. Not every mouth is suited to this, but if after a series of x-rays you are, then this is the one for you and you will certainly avoid the stigma that ‘traditionally’ comes with the wearing of braces. For starters, the aligner is removable, so that removes any problem of tricky oral hygiene for a start, but probably one of this device’s advantages is that it is manufactured from a completely see-through plastic….making it invisible!!! Yes, once the device and corresponding devices are fitted as your teeth move, it is very difficult for other people to detect in the mouth. Pricier than other device yes, but just to put a touch of icing on the Invisalign cake- it works faster than a lot of traditional braces around right now.

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