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Jul 22nd, 2013 The Fabulous Work Of Invisalign In Central London Get in touch

3170978_blogInvisalign has become one of the most sought after forms of tooth straightening in central London and with good reason as well; since this aligner arrived from the USA, it has been a revolution. Many folk who have to have their teeth straightened fear the idea of braces because it conjures up visions of years of ugly metal work in the mouth but with Invisalign, it is the opposite. Sadly, not everyone will suit this treatment so you need to get a consultation first to see if you can enlist onto the course; if you can, you are in for a treat. When you have your first aligner fitted, like any new fitting, it will take time to adjust to, but it won’t be long before the wonder of Invisalign captures your imagination. You have the freedom of taking it out from time to time, which allows you to eat and then clean your teeth in a normal way, though it must be worn for a least 22 hours a day for it to work efficiently. But the most obvious and astounding quality to this aligner is that is virtually invisible; it’s made from a clear plastic and while it’s in your mouth, very few people around you will be able to tell that you are having treatment- there is no need to say much more about the relief that this gives to you. As your teeth move, you just pop in a new aligner and it won’t be long before the whole treatment is over with. In fact, a variation of this can get your teeth done in just 6 months.

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