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Jul 22nd, 2011 The fast Inman Aligner in London W1 Get in touch

W1 is a very fast paced area of London with people on the go all of the day. Sometimes, this can interfere with the way we eat and generally look after ourselves, but the consumer is well looked after in this postcode even when it comes to dentistry. Those canny dentists in the area have caught on to the fact that we live on the move and can offer cosmetic treatments during a dinner break- that’s of course if your teeth are in pretty good shape in the first place. To get to that stage, your teeth need to be fairly ‘crooked’ free’, but don’t worry, because they’ve covered that problem too. If you fit this treatments unique demands, you can opt for the Inman aligner to get your teeth fixed- for this little treat can straighten your teeth in as little as six weeks. Its cleverly designed little spring activated mechanism centres around the teeth at the front of the mouth, rocking your teeth into shape very quickly to get the desired results. It sits very discreetly in the mouth, with a single thin wire sitting around the outside of the teeth. But as an added bonus during the treatment, the aligner only needs to be worn for around 22 out of 24 hours each day, meaning that it is removable. This is perfect for when you eat and have to clean your teeth each day because you can simply take it out. These freedoms make this a very attractive choice for the person on the go.

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