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May 30th, 2012 The Fight Against Gingivitis in West London Get in touch

There are many things we try to avoid in our mouths by maintaining a healthy diet and oral hygiene program, but the one we must fight until the death and which comes with the gravest health warning is gingivitis. This disease of the gums can strike disaster into your mouth, whilst poisoning your heart and other internal organs at the same time so it is truly one to avoid in west London. It all starts quite serenely at first- if tartar forms around the base of the teeth where the gums meet, infection will soon follow and soon, gum disease will develop, but the first you will know about it is when your gums redden and bleed after brushing- you may also suffer from a bad taste in the mouth caused by ‘weeping’ gums. You should get to your dentist quickly in order to get a diagnosis on far developed the problem is. They will probe deep below the gum line and if need be, administer a deep scale and polish. However, the future of your teeth and gums from now on in rests in your hands. Firstly, you should curb any bad habits you may have like smoking and heavy drinking in order to give your gums a chance to recover. Then you must alter and improve the way you care for your teeth- there are many herbal options you should embrace at this point as they can be the most efficient way to combat the disease. Your hygienist should be able to give you advice on this matter and everything else related to gingivitis.




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