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Jul 26th, 2011 The freedom of Invisalign in Central London Get in touch

‘Pleasurable teeth alignment’: not a phrase you often hear around most of the school playgrounds in central London, nor in fact, many bars either. Mention teeth alignment and you’d probably visualise a mouthful of metal. But thanks largely to a lot of work done on teeth alignment in the USA, Britain has now embraced a new generation of braces and aligners from across the sea, making teeth straightening a fairly problem-free experience: top of the class is Invisalign. This treatment tends to be more expensive than most other procedures, but once you have enrolled, from there on in, it’s advantages put other methods to shame. It comes in the shape of a mouth-guard, changed at regular intervals, that maintains a constant pressure on the teeth, moving them into the desired position in a third of the time it takes for other treatments to work. It is also removable, giving and incredible freedom to wearer when it comes to eating and when keeping up a regular daily oral hygiene program. But where Invisalign wins hands-down over any other treatment on the market today is in the vanity stakes. The mouth-guard is manufactured from a completely transparent, flexible form of plastic, that when worn, is virtually impossible to see in the mouth. The freedom from ridicule this affords anyone that wears it, especially teenagers, means that choosing this treatment to correct your teeth, can actually be a ‘pleasurable’ experience!

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