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Feb 6th, 2020 The Genius of Interdental Brushes Get in touch

Once every blue moon comes along an idea so fantastic that we wonder why someone hasn’t thought of it already.

Interdental brushes are a great example.

Bearing a resemblance to miniature pipe cleaners or – dare we say it – toilet brushes, these little wonders are the Heineken of oral health, refreshing parts of the mouth that other brushes just can’t reach.

Like all great ideas, it’s simple.

The fine wire-and-bristle gadget is somewhere between a toothpick and a toothbrush. While the latter is great for cleaning the surface of teeth, they can’t always get into the gaps where bacteria thrive.

But interdental brushes can.

A quick two-minute interdental session each evening is all it takes to keep the teeth debris and bacteria-free, and the breath fresh.

If you haven’t already incorporated interdental brushing into your daily routine, give it a try.

You might just be surprised at how good it feels!

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