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Sep 18th, 2012 The ghost that is Invisalign in Central London Get in touch

The issue of braces and aligners will, for a lot of us in central London, rear its head at some point of our lives and the thought of it can be shocking. But if you are going to keep your mouth healthy and afterwards, attractive, then you’ve got to have it done. In which case, you might as well go for broke and get the ultimate treatment of all- Invisalign. It goes against any issues you may have whirling around about teeth alignment. The first issue is the way a brace looks in the mouth- not this one, for it is almost ghostly the way it sits in the mouth because it is completely transparent. Second issue is how difficult fixed braces are to clean, again not this one- it can be removed any time you like. The third issue is the amount of time it takes for the treatment to end: Invisalign works fast, three times as fast as conventional braces which are ironic, because seeing as others can’t tell when you’re wearing one, you don’t really care how long it takes! It is costly, but in the long run, the beauty of this treatment overcomes any cost involved.

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