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Sep 17th, 2012 The Immaculate Inman descends on West London Get in touch

One of the reasons why people are unsure about getting their teeth straightened is the time involved, especially as they get older: lengthy treatments are just too much to consider. The thing is though, people who have buck front teeth are always conscious that they are there, it holds them back and stops them projecting them to the full. Well if you are one of these people whose front teeth are a problem, then you probably need to do a bit more homework about the treatments out there because there’s one on the market right now in west London that is the answer to all of your prayers- the Inman Aligner. Its design is remarkable, although this is probably its only drawback as well because it only works on the front teeth and not all alignment problems. Once you have been measured up for it, it is fitted to the mouth and gets to work straight away because of its unique mechanism: whilst a wire wraps around the front of the teeth, it is attached to the back of the plate to a spring which in turn, pushes a bar that sits on the inside of the teeth. Both of these work against each other, hence, keeping the teeth on the move all of the time. In plain English, what this means is the teeth shift extraordinary quickly into place, in as little as 6 weeks in fact. Of course, once the course is over, you have to wear a retainer in order to stop the teeth springing back but that’s an easy pill to swallow considering you have transformed the way you look in such little time.

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