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Jun 8th, 2011 The Importance of daily Oral Hygiene in West London Get in touch

It’s funny really but surely you needn’t have to have a reason to brush your teeth daily? Well you’d have thought so, but maybe, with around 75% of west Londoner’s suffering from some form of periodontal or gum disease in their lives, which in turn can cause heart disease, perhaps people are still being pig-ignorant when it comes the importance of oral hygiene- staggering eh? So, even after all is said and done to help you out in the past, here we go, back to basics! Get the right brush: ask your dentist if you are in a quandary about choice, but getting your brush is the first step. Toothpaste: each of our mouths are different, some sensitive, some not so, but if you read the labels, each toothpaste will tell you just exactly what it is designed to do. Floss: the major back-up to brushing, getting into those areas your brush fears to tread. Mouth-washes: the minor back-up to brushing and flossing. Now three times a day, fuse them altogether, learn to brush, and between you and the back-up from your dentist, you should be able to hold onto your teeth for always. Come on folks, do you really want to be forking out for expensive restorative treatments way on down the line simply because you couldn’t be bothered to brush your teeth?

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