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Jun 26th, 2013 The Importance of protecting your Teeth in West London Get in touch

It is imperative that throughout your life, you take your health seriously and ensure that you keep yourself fit and healthy. Sports is a great way of doing this and also a brilliant way to let of the steam from the hefty pressures of work that can build up over a hectic week in a place like west London. However, although sport is good for the soul and the body, ironically, it can bite you back if you don’t take precautions and ensure that you protect yourself from injury. This is especially true if you are playing hard contact sports that can leave your mouth prone to damage: hurt your teeth, gums and jaws, and the damage could spread throughout your head and upper body. But it’s not only from sport that this type of damage can occur, teeth grinding is terribly destructive too so in which case, in both situations, it is wise to get a mouth-guard in order to limit the damage. One of the best ways to go about this is to get your dentist on board and have a guard made that is designed to fit your mouth perfectly. With the sport aspect, different guards are tailored to different sports in order to absorb different levels of impact, so if you get this right from the start, it will allow you to continue playing your sport for as long as you want to, but more importantly, safely.


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