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Aug 21st, 2010 The importance of the dental bridge explained by City of London dentist Get in touch

We have all seen what happens to a smile when a tooth is missing. A gap in the dental arc is pretty much the first thing that you notice when somebody smiles at you, but it is not just the aesthetic damage that is cause for concern. Missing teeth leave hollows in the gums that provide the perfect place for bacteria and plaque to build up. This hollow area is very difficult to clean with a conventional brush and can lead to damage occurring to other teeth in the dental arc. This process will repeat itself over and over until ultimately the teeth are all under threat.

Like any solid defence, your teeth need to be at maximum strength to successfully battle dental disease and decay. This is why your City of London dentist will always recommend that you try and replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to have a dental bridge designed and fitted. Just like it sounds, a dental bridge spans the gap created by the lost tooth with an artificial tooth. This tooth, known as the pontic, will be very realistic and match the other teeth for maximum cosmetic effect.

The pontic is normally held in place by dental crowns on either side of the gap. Small resin strips attach the pontic to the crowns to restore both the appearance and functionality of the tooth. Dental bridges are very effective and also the most affordable of all the dental substitutes. If properly maintained, a dental bridge from a City of London dentist can last as long as twenty years, although the average lifespan is between ten and fifteen years.

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