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Feb 19th, 2013 The Inman Aligner Rocks The City Of London Get in touch

It is very rare that a place such as the city of London will throw open it arms and welcome an aligner onto the scene; tooth correction is high on the list of people’s favourite dental treatments. But that was before the Inman aligner rocked into town. If you have suffered from having front buck teeth most of your life, it could well have made you introverted and stopped you from being yourself. Not anymore, because this aligner is perfect for you. It is an extremely clever little device that has a unique mechanism that keeps your teeth on the move by rocking them all of the time. It is also removable, so you can take it out in order to keep your teeth and gums clean. But the biggest asset to this aligner is that this constant moving of your teeth get the job done extremely quickly, the treatment can be finished in as little as a month and a half!! Yes, now that is quick, though a retainer will have to be worn afterwards to prevent the teeth springing back again until they settle into their new position. But for around £1200, this aligner is definitely for you, especially if the idea of long treatments rather abhors you.

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