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Nov 10th, 2014 The Inman Aligner: Straightening Smiles in London W1 Get in touch

Woman SmileIf you’re longing for a straighter smile in London W1, look no further than the Inman Aligner. The Inman Aligner uses a light, discreet aligner to move and realign the teeth. This treatment is a perfect choice for treating minor issues with the front teeth. Best of all, it’s removable!

What is the Inman Aligner?

A removable appliance that uses gentle forces to guide the teeth into a new position quickly, with minimal hassle or pain. The aligner utilises two key parts: a metal bar and a coiled spring. These produce forces that cause the teeth to move.

One of the best features of the Inman Aligner is the speed of movement. This treatment takes just weeks to produce amazing, straight smiles, making it a much quicker option than most of the treatments currently on the market. The Inman Aligner is also removable, so it is very convenient. You don’t have to change the way you clean your teeth, you can eat without any stress or hassle and you can give your teeth a bit of a rest at the end of a busy day. The aligner should be worn for around 22 hours per day.

Because it uses advanced technology and is designed for patients who only need a small amount of movement, the Inman Aligner can work very quickly. This treatment focuses on the front teeth.

Who can benefit from the Inman Aligner?

Ideally, the Inman Aligner should be geared towards patients who want minor alignment for issues that affect the front teeth. It is not suited to patients with more complex needs, but it is sometimes beneficial for patients who’ve previously had treatment and need help dealing with a relapse.

How long does treatment take?

Most cases are complete within 16 weeks and you’ll start to notice changes after just a few weeks.

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