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Nov 19th, 2012 The issue of Gummy Smiles in the City of London Get in touch

One of the greatest joys of technology, thought and effort that has come to the dental table is that pretty much anything can be achieved and it is this advancement in technology that has made pretty complicated procedures and ideas in the past, quite easy to do these days. Modern cosmetic dentistry covers all areas of the mouth in order to attain the perfect smile for everyone. The perfect example of this is those people in the city of London that suffer from a gummy smile. Now this is a problem that ruins the smile in two ways: the first is where a person has far too much gum tissue covering the teeth, making them look tiny in comparison to the amount of exposed gum when a person smiles. In this instance, the tissue can be removed by a laser to reveal much more of the teeth and it is a painless, thirty minute operation- and cheap too considering the results attained. The second example that falls under the title of a ‘gummy smile’ is when the top lip retracts a long way back over the teeth and again, reveals a lot of gum. In this case however, the lips need to be pinned to prevent them from riding too high above the teeth. But both procedures highlight just what can be achieved with modern, cosmetic dentistry.

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