Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Dec 8th, 2011 The joy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Central London Get in touch

So let’s lay it on the line for you glamour things in central London- got the money, fabulous. Got the hair, great! Clothes, sublime. So the last piece of the jig-saw should be your teeth too, as it is one of the first things, along with the others, that shows the real you and if your teeth are rubbish, forget all the above. Lovely teeth mean a lovely you, and it has never been a better time to knock your mouth into shape with some cosmetic dentistry. Now, you can get wrapped up in the whirlwind of things on offer to make your smile look better; adverts and makeover programs can make you clamor for the new best thing around, but you would best to have a conversation with your dentist before you make a choice as they are in the hot-seat to get you up and started. A simple bit of teeth whitening toothpaste, home bleaching or a laser whitening may suffice if your teeth are in good ‘nick’. If however your teeth are looking jaded, worn and a bit old, you may require a little bit more engineering to put that glow back in your smile and you may have to look further a field through having veneer work or cosmetic bonding done. But the beautiful thing is, it’s all there for you if you want it, it doesn’t have to be that expensive if you’re sensible and it is important to realize that your dentist is the way to go before making your choice.

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