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Oct 5th, 2011 The Joys of Cosmetic Bonding in Central London Get in touch

Come on, we all love a cheap ‘fix’, and if you are one of these folk in central London that just has to look good every passing minute of the day you vain thing, then you can keep at least your smile looking vibrant by having a quick and cheap touch up with cosmetic bonding. This is such a versatile little treatment- all you have to do is jump into the hot seat and your dentist will do the rest. Cracks and gaps- no problem, yellowy teeth- simple, gaps- never been easier! And it’ll only take one sitting. Get in there and after a quick prep of your teeth, they will be given a quick layer of resin and then cured by heat. Then the treatment is repeated until there is enough material for the dentist to work with- they will sculpture until the desired shape is achieved and then polish the teeth up to an immaculate level that will rejuvenate your look. One of the downsides to this treatment is that it is not considered to be durable and cosmetic bonding has a habit of becoming discolored and breaking down- of course that also depends on how you go about your everyday business, but, the upside to it is that it doesn’t do any damage to the original surface of the tooth, it’s damn quick and if things go wrong, it can be rectified as quickly as it was before. Make an appointment in advance and within the moment it takes to quaff a cappuccino, you’ll be looking top draw material!

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