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Apr 3rd, 2013 The joys of Porcelain Veneers in Central London Get in touch

Veneers truly are a fantastic way of turning back the clock and putting sparkle into your smile again, which is what you need in a demanding place like central London. As you get older, the turning of time will rip the beauty away from your smile: your teeth can begin to look worn; they may well develop cracks in the enamel, become chipped and gaps may start to appear, even worse, your gums may start to recede a little. It isn’t pretty, but help is at hand with porcelain veneers: by its very nature, porcelain is a very beautiful material, oozing light and extremely natural looking when it sits next to the enamel of your teeth. All it will take is a couple of weeks of patience from you: once the enamel has been taken off the surfaces of your teeth and casts made up, you will be fitted with dummy veneers until the real things arrive back from a lab. Then, the dummies are removed and the proper veneers cemented into place. Prices vary from dentist to dentist, but the end result the same- these are going to blow your socks off when you first look in the mirror: all those tired old issues are hidden away behind a thing of luxury and beauty and these veneers will make you feel 20 years younger and if you look after them, they will be durable and reliable for a good 15 years.


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