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Jun 3rd, 2010 The latest Damon braces from City of London dentists offer comfortable treatment Get in touch

Orthodontic treatment has improved vastly over the last decade or so. Braces have become more discreet, faster acting and more comfortable for the patient. The latest development in orthodontic technology, the Damon brace, highlights how these changes have benefited patients more than any other. Damon braces use friction-free technology to achieve a faster-acting and more comfortable treatment for patients than traditional methods of orthodontics. Damon braces also remove the need for unpleasant and painful extractions and palatal expanders.

The main advantage of the Damon brace is faster treatment times. This is perhaps the biggest bugbear of traditional orthodontics; that treatment could last as long as three years. Treatment using a Damon brace can be achieved on average four to six months faster than with conventional fixed metal braces.

Damon braces also use self-ligating wires, which eliminate the need for those painful tightening sessions so familiar to brace wearers, the ones that make the teeth ache for several days on end afterwards. Using this special friction-free mechanism, Damon braces make tooth alignment a much more comfortable affair. They also allow better oral hygiene because the wires and brackets are much smaller and more discreet than other braces.

This discretion in itself is also a major bonus for brace wearers. Nobody wants to be stuck with a mouthful of ugly metal for several years, so the smaller brackets and wires reduce the visual impact of the Damon brace by up to 60 per cent. The materials used are also highly resistant to staining and wear which makes looking after your brace a great deal easier. Damon braces are available from City of London dentists who can also give you more of an idea of how much they may cost.

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