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May 27th, 2011 The Link between Oral Health and Diabetes in West London Get in touch

Over the years, the knowledge of how our body’s function has increased incredibly; we can identify where problems start and end, and take preventative steps to keep ourselves healthy. Generally, all our bodily parts rely on each other to function smoothly. If you ask any dentist in west London, they will tell you that good health starts with the mouth and what you put in it. Invariably when things go wrong in the mouth though, we are starting to learn that it can radically affect the rest of your main functioning parts. One of the greatest dangers is gum disease which arises from poor diet and bad oral hygiene. This has been proven to have links to diabetes and then heart and kidney disease. Reverse this and you will find that people with diabetes have a greater chance of suffering from gum disease and eventually tooth loss, because they have a lower immunity to fight bacteria and blood problems. Both ways, it’s important to keep control of your glucose levels and diet, and to maintain a high level of oral hygiene through brushing and flossing. Combat any signs of gum disease by getting help from your dentist- having regular appointments with your dentist should be enough to combat this in the first place.

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