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Feb 20th, 2012 The Links Between Diabetes and Periodontitis in West London Get in touch

283489_blogDiabetes, as anyone would know who suffers from it in West London, is a ongoing problem in progress and it takes 24 hour monitoring to keep on top of it.

It causes such imbalances at times and is very dangerous should your sugar levels become depleted. But there is also another side effect to this and that is that your immune system is constantly vulnerable and working on overtime to keep you healthy.

Apart from being vulnerable to colds and flu, your teeth and gums are also in danger from periodontal diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, because a reduced immune system can lead to the saliva levels in the mouth dipping.

If this happens, you are losing the most natural deterrent you have to fight off bacteria in the mouth. Not only this, any wound in the mouth, from whatever the cause, will take a lot longer to heal in people with diabetes, so enhancing the chances of periodontitis occurring. There is also a double edged sword to this as well, as anyone who has undergone serious issues with tooth decay and gum problems in the past are also vulnerable to suffering from diabetes in the future.

It is a vicious cycle to find yourself in but it just means that as long as you are aware of the implications of both periodontal diseases and diabetes and you get as much information you can, you will have a better chance to cope with the issues that are thrown at you.

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