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Feb 9th, 2012 The Links Between Poor Teeth and a Poor Economy in London’s W1 Get in touch

3520145_blogIt is never a good time for anyone in London’s W1 when the economy goes through a crisis and the credit crunch kicks in and as it bites harder and harder, you may find yourself reeling in what you spend your money on.

Sadly, you may start scrimping on really healthy foods and just opt for the basics of survival. Leisure activities may go, you may find yourself darning and sewing more as opposed to buying new clothes, but dangerously, you may find yourself skipping health appointments such as a dental check-up with the view to maybe going to the next one.

Now, this is understandable to a point, but if you have already stopped eating ultra healthily, you may have started to deny your teeth the nutrients they require, you may well have also opted for a cheaper package on the oral hygiene front to save pennies. Which is why it is all the more important that you maintain your visits to the dentist however you can, because by ignoring your teeth at this point, you may be paving way in the future for serious issues to crop up in your mouth.

If you have to cut costs, find other ways of doing it, but at all costs and for the sake of your health, do not cut back on the dental treatment you need.

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