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Aug 8th, 2010 The Lumineer is a great solution for minor teeth problems, by a City of London dentist Get in touch

The Lumineer is a veneer that has been successfully used in dental practices for a few years; it is a new design of veneer that has taken a lot of the work needed to fit one out of the dental process. A City of London dentist says that the best feature of the Lumineer is that it is very thin and therefore it doesn`t require any preparation work prior to being fitted. It can be used in much the same way as a conventional veneer, and indeed it does the same job on the usual defects of a tooth that a veneer is fitted to. The problems it helps to solve are misaligned, cracked and chipped teeth; however its main use is to hide a discoloured tooth or teeth. A client can have a series of Lumineer`s fitted at one sitting, as all the dentist needs to do is to cement it into position, it takes around 20 minutes to fit one and for it to set hard. The tooth can be used in the usual manner within a few hours, and no one would even know you had a veneer on. The expense of a veneer like the Lumineer has come down a bit due to the manufacturing and fitting costs. A normal veneer involves having a lot of preparation work done to the tooth, and it is also done under a local anaesthetic, that cost is illuminated when the Lumineer is chosen to solve your tooth problem, and it`s not a day too soon.

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