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May 30th, 2012 The Magic Behind Teeth Straightening in Central London Get in touch

Tooth straightening is one of those treatments that everyone dreads and would rather avoid if possible; alas that’s not always possible. Yet today in central London, the process has been made more bearable by the amount of options to choose from, more than ever before. Different teeth require different demands when being straightened, and for all of the boasts of what these gadgets can do for you, they might not suit your teeth. There is no doubt there are some terrific aligners around; Invisalign, invisible in the mouth, removable and fast. Ultra-fast is the Inman aligner- 6 weeks fast in fact, but because of its design, it can only work on the front teeth. Other braces like the Damon or 6 months brace sit unobtrusive in the mouth and again work quickly but horses for courses, they may not be suitable for the work you need doing. Complex work may require complex engineering and then so, you are back into the ugliness of how braces once were and once looked. But form an ugly duckling springs a swan; the reason for having your teeth straightened is for the health of your mouth and to ensure that your bite works naturally.

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