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Oct 25th, 2011 The magic of Invisalign in Central London Get in touch

Ever heard of Invisalign? No? Well I suggest you check out this treatment if you are about to go through the plight of tooth alignment- especially if you are young. Braces need no introduction- they can be cumbersome, hard to clean and you may be involved for quite a while wearing them- they also can look very unattractive…enter then Invisalign- cute, almost invisible in the mouth and extremely fast at what it does. Yes, a bit more expensive than other treatments when it comes to straightening your teeth and it does come with a few conditions that most people will not match up to. But park your bottoms people of central London and bear this in mind. Invisalign is a virtually invisible tooth alignment, because it is made from a clear plastic in the shape of a gum-shield. If it works for you, it will because it is a treatment that will pull your teeth into a third of the time that normal braces take. But the best thing of all, you can pop the aligner out to go about your normal ways of cleaning and eating. It is a wild and wonderful way to get your teeth into shape, but boy how it gets you back into the game!

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