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Mar 5th, 2010 The many reasons to have teeth whitening from a City of London dentist Get in touch

There are many reasons to opt for a teeth whitening treatment from a City of London dentist. Teeth whitening is one of the safest and most dramatic cosmetic dentistry procedures that can radically alter your appearance. In the past teeth whitening has been very expensive but as more dentists offer the treatment to meet growing demand, it is now possible to have your teeth whitened even if you are on a budget.

Teeth whitening is especially useful for patients with stained or discoloured teeth. Teeth can become discoloured for many reasons. In some cases it can be due to lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking too much red wine or coffee. But in other cases it may be due to a medical condition or treatment, because of the effects of fluoride or simply because of the age. As we get older our teeth tend to lose their natural colour, which makes whitening teeth have the subconscious effect of making the patient look younger and healthier.

Whitening works by applying an active agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, to the stained surface of the tooth. The peroxide gradually seeps into the enamel that forms the outer surface of the teeth and turns any discoloured areas white. The process will be more effective the longer the peroxide is in contact with the enamel, so longer treatments tend to have more dramatic results.

There are very few safety concerns as long as patients have treatment form a trained dentist. Some over-the-counter products can be dangerous as peroxide can be damaging to soft tissue if it comes into direct contact.

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