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Apr 11th, 2012 The Mini Implant Solution for Missing Teeth in London W1 Get in touch

iStock_000004109962SmallFor people who wear dentures the biggest challenge is making sure that they do not slip out of place. This cannot only be uncomfortable but embarrassing if it occurs in a public place and even experienced users sometimes face this problem. Fortunately, this is easily overcome with a device known as a mini implants.

If you need dentures or currently wear dentures ask your London W1 dentist about mini implants. Mini implants were originally used as a temporary solution until a permanent and full sized implant could be fitted. However, there are certain benefits of smaller implants and they tend to be used as a way to stabilise dentures on the lower jaw line.

The mini implants are attached to the lower jawbone at one end while the other is attached to the lower denture. This holds the denture in place and prevents it from slipping. The implant is a slim titanium rod and has a ball shaped head. This is the section of the implant that is attached to the denture by means of a rubber ring that acts like a socket. The procedure is completed quickly and easily in the dentist’s office and takes about just an hour.

A mini implant helps the user to eat and talk with confidence without any fear of the denture slipping out. There are also nutritional health benefits that come with mini implants, as they allow a person to eat food that they could not, due to difficulty in biting or chewing.  It also does away with the inconvenience of using adhesives or pastes to hold a denture in place. Having a mini implant also results in improved bone retention.

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