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Sep 9th, 2010 The multiple uses of cosmetic bonding at West London dentist Get in touch

There is a whole plethora of cosmetic dental treatments that can improve the appearance of the teeth. Ranging from teeth whitening treatments to porcelain veneers, there are few limits to the benefits of cosmetic procedures for the appearance if the teeth. However, it is one of the most simple cosmetic treatments that can often be the most successful.

Cosmetic bonding involves using a composite resin to enhance the appearance of the teeth in a number of ways. In fact, it is so important that there are dentists who specialise solely in its use. The first stage of cosmetic bonding is to make up the resin to the right consistency and colour for use on the individual patient, depending on which procedure they have chosen to have performed. Once the dentist is satisfied with the way the bonding looks they can then begin to apply it.

This is when you find out the vast array of uses it has. Perhaps most commonly, it is used for filling cavities that have been caused by decay and disease. Because the bonding is tooth coloured it is far more effective and aesthetically pleasing than the old-style silver amalgam fillings that were once commonplace.

Cosmetic bonding can also be used to hold in place dental inlays for cavities that are too big to be filled. It is also used to secure dental crowns and porcelain veneers, as it is resilient, tough and tooth coloured. Thinly applied, it can be used as a whitening agent to cover areas of discolouration as well as being used to replace enamel that has been chipped or worn.

To find out the full extent of the uses of cosmetic bonding, ask your West London dentist at your next appointment.

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