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Mar 10th, 2011 The Need for Oral Hygiene in London W1 Get in touch

Having a great little oral hygiene programme at home, frees you up to get on with your everyday regime and allows you to smile with confidence, after all, the teeth are the first thing you see when you talk to someone. The market is flooded with wonderful products to help you achieve this. It’s almost as if products are being made to suit just you and your needs. Most dentists in London’s W1 would agree that regular cleaning, flossing and mouth-washing throughout the day, should be enough to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent the build up of plague and tartar that lead to more serious problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Companies that develop these products are very sympathetic to oral hygiene and they are getting better at targeting problems and nipping them in the bud. But it doesn’t stop there, for there’s a product to treat all problems. Brush technology has come on leaps and bounds, designed for sensitive teeth, or tough teeth, designed to reach areas where they never reached before, and electric brushes do the work for you on areas that you were missing out on before. Toothpastes also follow the same philosophy. But these basic hygiene methods are now backed up with flosses, mouthwashes and tiny brushes all designed to remove food and bacteria from between the teeth and prevent plaque from forming. Of course, the biggest back-up is your dentist, for they know just what will work for your health of your mouth.

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