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Mar 8th, 2011 The Need for Regular Dental Check-ups in Central London Get in touch

Dental check-ups should be a regular occurrence if you live in central London to retain the health of you teeth and gums, keep your mouth looking fresh and to keep your body healthy too. Good hygiene through brushing and flossing at home should be enough to keep going between check-ups. But such are the lure of fast foods, smoking and drinking these days, it’s easy to take your eye off the hygiene prize and leave your mouth vulnerable to dental ‘nasties’. Problems can get out of hand very quickly in the mouth; gum disease and plaque being two of the main players. If you miss a regular check up, these can lead to cavities and tooth loss in the long run, let alone the long term problems they can cause throughout the body such as heart disease and oral cancer. When you have a check-up, a dentist has a set of guidelines and procedures laid down to stop these problems setting in. They will first check for any signs of plaque or gum disease, and then remove them. A simple x-ray will reveal any signs of tooth decay so that again, the dentist can rectify the problem with a simple filling. It’s time when you can have your teeth thoroughly cleaned, de-scaled and polished. But most of us are quite happy to get in, get done and get out when it comes to dentists, missing out on the perfect opportunity to discuss any problems we may have with our teeth. It’s a chance to discuss all manner of issues from our home oral hygiene habits to cosmetic treatments available to us.

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