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Aug 20th, 2010 The number one replacement: dental implants from Central London dentist Get in touch

Losing a tooth at any stage of your life is a traumatic experience but few people realise the long-lasting consequences of a missing tooth. A hollow left by a missing tooth will be very susceptible to a build up of bacteria which will in turn affect the other teeth. In this way, losing one tooth can begin a chain reaction that leads to losing many more.

This is why Central London dentists always recommend that you have your missing tooth replaced. This can be with one of a number of dental substitutes such as dental bridges, dental implants and partial dentures. Dental bridges are probably the most cost-effective way of replacing teeth and can last for up to twenty years. However, they are prone to breaking and can limit what kind of food you can eat.

Partial dentures are slightly clumsy and bulky and often used for replacing more than one missing tooth. There is no question which is the most lifelike and sturdy form of dental replacement. Dental implants replace the whole tooth from the root up and are very secure. They do not limit what you an eat as they are almost as strong as a real tooth. And for the biggest bonus of all, they last a lifetime. This means that although you may have to pay slightly more now, there will be no replacements needed ten years down the line and you can continue your life safe in the knowledge that your teeth are protected.

It is also possible to have a series of mini implants that act as a permanent support for your dentures. Ask for more information from your Central London dentist at your next appointment.

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