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Aug 22nd, 2012 The obstacle of Oral Cancer in West London Get in touch

Life can be very sweet indeed as you sail on in west London, enjoying the fruits of your labour, but this does come with a cautionary tale for you: as long as you keep things in moderation, lay off the heavy intake of alcohol, cut back on the fags and try to have a balanced diet in order to keep you and your immune system up and running, you should be able to maintain a strong and healthy life. Start to get flippant about being indestructible though and you could be heading for a mighty fall, and there is no bigger fall to stop you dead in your tracks than being diagnosed with oral cancer. This disease is a constant problem in the city, statistics even show it’s on the rise, why, we still don’t know for sure but some of the things already alluded to certainly don’t help the cause and also aside from these, it would be wise to be aware of the symptoms in order to get quickly treated in the event of something going wrong and anyway, it should be obvious to you when things are going wrong in your mouth. Symptoms associated with this disease are many: sore throats, repetitive mouth ulcer and sores, constant jaw aches to name a few. Any signs of danger and you should book yourself in for tests- it won’t take long before you know and if it is positive, then you must get treated and ready to battle the problem. However, you can take heart from another statistic- the amount of success in beating this disease has also increased tremendously.

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