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Oct 7th, 2011 The Options of Cosmetic Dentistry in London Get in touch

It’s always lovely to look a bit special as you walk down the finest streets that London has to offer- fabulous clothes that hug the best bits that your body and leave people wondering how beautiful you may look underneath….anyway, enough of that. Of course, to have an amazingly glitzy smile too will be a jewel in the crown that will help finish off the treat of being the real deal. And these days, it really has never been easier to get your teeth up to scratch, nor cheaper either. Have a word with your dentist first and you’ll be on your way to stardom. First, get your teeth into shape- this could take a bit of work at first; you may require some veneers, some bonding, maybe even a bridge or an implant to give you back the ‘look’. Once you’ve got to this point, there are some of the simplest techniques around to keep your teeth looking sexy and unbelievably beautiful. For a start, for around a fiver, you can nip along to your chemist and pick up one of the great whitening toothpastes that are on the shelves these days that you’ll notice the difference with after a couple of days of use. If you want to get adventurous and while you’re in the chemists, you may like to browse at some of the latest home bleaching kits; ridiculed in some areas when they first came out, for £15, you can get your teeth white while you are sitting down and watching the TV and they are a fabulous thing to have in the cupboard in a vanity emergency. But- best of all, some of the laser whitening treatments being offered by dentists these days are sensational, cheap and will get you out into the city with total confidence.

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