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Sep 30th, 2011 The Perils of an Abscessed Tooth in London W1 Get in touch

There are several emergencies that can crop up in the mouth- some minor, some major, but the one that is the most dangerous of all is an abscessed tooth- in fact it can be fatal. An abscess normally stems, dare we say it again people of London W1, from poor oral hygiene. Once plaque has been allowed to take hold of your teeth, tartar will form that will then start to infect the gums. Left to do its own thing, the tooth will develop a cavity and tooth decay will set in and up until now, you may have been blissfully unaware of anything going wrong, but you soon will be. The tooth will become suceptible to temperature change, your mouth may taste foul, and your face may well swell up- if this happens, it requires immediate treatment as the abscess has already started to poison the bloodstream and your life could be in danger. In some cases, the pain may subside, but that only means the nerves have been killed off but the decay and bacteria are still well and truly alive. Now though at this stage the tooth can be saved with treatment, once an abscess has shown its hand, it has a habit of re-offending and in the end, there is no other option but to remove the tooth altogether.

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