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Nov 11th, 2013 The popularity of Dental Implants is on the rise in Central London Get in touch

Beautifully HappySince the later 1950’s early 60’s, the science behind dental implants was already being practised, though only by a handful of specialised dentists, which made it very expensive to have done. It was also a quite long winded affair because of the tools being used, and the healing process afterwards. Today however, though the theory remains, the onslaught of technology through lasers and computers has taken this treatment to a higher level. In only around and hour, the small titanium implants can be in place with the utmost precision, and because there is minimal damage to the hums and jawbone done by this pinpoint, keyhole laser surgery, healing is very quick afterwards. It is this combination that has also seen the uses for a dental implant become more versatile: they can be used for securing full or partial dentures, dental bridges or used singularly for individual crowns. Such ease of fitting an implant has also made it competitive between dentists vying for your trade, and hence it has made the treatment affordable to all in central London.

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