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Jun 10th, 2010 The possibilities of dentures from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Losing your teeth at any age in life for any reason can be an unpleasant experience and not just because of the physical pain it can cause but mostly due to the emotional turmoil and embarrassment it can be responsible for. There are also a number of physiological reasons why losing the teeth is bad. This is because missing teeth can cause an accelerated erosion of the gums. They can also lead to a sunken appearance affecting the face, which not only add years to your appearance but can also become permanent and affect profile of not treated in a certain time.

The answer to these problems lies in the form of dentures. Many people still have a stigma attached to dentures perhaps because of previous experiences with denture wearers in the past but modern dentures are very different and a lot more realistic. Your London W1 dentist can give you more information about dentures and what they can do for your appearance and physical health.

Dentures should stay in place by suction around the gums alone. This of course only applies if they are well made and there is sufficient gum tissue remaining to fit around. Loose fitting dentures can be a source of concern as this can lead to embarrassing fall outs, often at exactly the wrong moment. This leads many dentures to be very anxious and use denture adhesive gels and strips, which while effective are often very messy and limit what foods you can and can’t eat. It may be possible to have a set of mini-implants fitted directly into the jawbone. This could then act as a secure base for the dentures but this depends if your jawbone is of sufficient strength.

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