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Sep 16th, 2011 The principle of preventive dentistry as applied to gum disease: Central London dentists explain Get in touch

Your gums are an important part of your mouth and the heath of the whole mouth relies on having gums which are free from disease. Yet they are perennially at the mercy of attacks from harmful plaque bacteria which can cause them to become inflamed and damaged.

The consequences of highly developed gum disease are very serious indeed. If the inflammation in gums spreads to the bones which hold teeth in place then teeth can be lost, not to mention parts of the jaw bone itself. Rectifying this satisfactorily can be very difficult indeed and that is part of the rationale behind the idea of preventive dentistry as applied to gum disease.

It is better to create conditions in which gum disease is highly unlikely than to deal with the consequences of it once it has happened. To this end, central London dentists urge patients to take their advice and floss between their teeth in order that any plaque there is successfully removed.

Additionally patients are encouraged to think about how well they are brushing their teeth so that plaque cannot stay on the gum line of teeth and cause inflammation. Make sure that your saliva production isn’t hampered by activities such as smoking and too much alcohol being drunk; saliva is a natural defence against plaque and if the levels of it are too low then you might be putting your gums at risk.

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