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Mar 22nd, 2013 The problem of Hypodontia in London W1 Get in touch

Throughout our lives in London W1, we will catch colds, suffer from illness and go through lots of trauma; as adults we can cope with these things a lot better. However, as a child, such traumas can have a defining affect on how we grow and develop in the future. Science is still trying to understand what causes what and then try to find answers so that our children in the don’t have to suffer the same fate. Hypodontia is a prime example of this when it comes to oral health and growth. It is a condition that affects only a small number of the population, but for those it does affect, it can be disastrous to the growth of the secondary teeth. Essentially, it is where the secondary teeth fail to develop, which leaves the mouth missing some of its prime teeth. From here on, it is all about trying to protect the bite of the mouth with orthodontic treatments. Dentures would be the first stop in order to replace teeth that aren’t, yet should have been there and it is the simplest and cheapest way to put teeth back in the mouth until the jaws have developed fully. Further down the line, it would be wise to look into more intricate methods such as dental implants and bridges which are more permanent. These will not only protect the bite of the mouth, but will also give you a full and pretty smile, which is important in a modern world.


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