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Feb 22nd, 2012 The Problem of Tooth Discolouration in London W1 Get in touch

3488681_blogOne of the main reasons that many of us in London W1 turn to cosmetic dentistry is because of our teeth becoming discoloured over time. It is easily rectified, but the real cause of the problem should be recognised in the beginning so that we do not keep falling into the same trap- after all, there are only so many times that you can keep whitening your teeth before the enamel gives up fighting.

The causes behind the discolouration in our teeth lies in what we put in our mouths on a daily basis over and over again. Acids from food and drink can stain and though we clean our teeth regularly, your teeth will discolour if bombarded everyday-have you ever tried getting a beetroot or red wine stain out of a white shirt- now imagine that on your teeth.

Another award winning discoloration duo are cigarettes and coffee. Again, using the white shirt analogy- nicotine and caffeine are incredible notorious for ruining the colour of your teeth. There are a lot of ingredients put in foods, especially curries that are there to ‘enhance’ the look of the food, but you can be sure, they are going to have the same affect on your teeth too unless you remove them. Good oral hygiene should help you to prevent your teeth becoming stained and if need be, a gentle whitening toothpaste should keep your teeth in check but if the problem persists, then you should have a chat with your dentist.

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